Dr James Skin Whitening Soap

Dr James Glutathione Soap

Dr James Skin Whitening Soap does what no other soap can do. This soap whitens your skin along with being your daily bath soap. This dual benefit is what most people look for, as conventional bath soaps do not offer both the benefits.

A bonus with using Dr James Skin Whitening Soap is that you can save time and not take time out to care for your skin. Similarly, the soap doesn’t just stop at providing you with a white skin.

It doubles up as an antioxidant, as it has Glutathione, considered by doctors and expert nutritionists as the Mother of all antioxidants.

So, the antioxidant functions detoxify your skin, eliminate free radicals, prevent oxidation, avoid darkening of skin and reverse aging. The soap also removes all types of skin blemishes as wrinkles, dark spots, age spots, scars, pimples, acne, freckles, fine lines, etc.

Besides Glutathione, Dr James Skin Whitening Soap has highly bio-available micro- nutrients as Vitamins and Minerals. To make it even more natural, the soap is also fully handmade with highly natural ingredients as soya oil, soya proteins, rosehip oil, ascorbic acid and grapeseed oil. Animal fat (tallow content) is fully avoided, as it can clog the skin pores as well as to make the soap universally available for both vegans and non-vegetarians alike.

With Dr James Skin Whitening Soap, you can get a fair and pink skin with a soap made up of the safest and the most natural of ingredients. And all it takes is just 7 days to a couple of weeks and rarely up to a few weeks, depending upon your skin type, to produce perfect results.

Usage Instructions

  • Wet your body with water.
  • Apply soap all over your body.
  • Avoid areas around eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Leave soap on your body for a minute.
  • Wash fully with water


  • Use the soap twice a day while bathing for best and fast results.
  • Wash face and hands, whenever required or after returning home.


  • In case of serious skin and health conditions and allergies, please consult your doctor before using the soap.